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Loose Threads: Wonder Sauna Hot Pants


Functional clothing is a gamble. On one hand, wool hats are both stylish and effective. We all need socks, so they never go out of style.

But as Stephen Fry will tell you, form and function are very closely linked, and when you shoot for just one, you usually end up missing both.

That’s when something like this happens.

It’s a moment for the time capsule. The manufacturer tries to cash in on the 70s health craze by pitching sauna-specific clothing to a wheat germ-happy public. (It’s also possible Star Wars was somehow involved.) The packaging pretends they’re selling a miracle weight-loss device instead of a crotch-riding life-jacket. The Chigurh-looking model on the right smiles uncomfortably, hoping the picture reaches as few people as possible.

And, thanks to the wonder of the internet, they all get a little piece of digital immortality.

The AAU has yet to issue a formal apology.