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Loose Threads: The Rising Tide

Chuck Taylor's

Playing with classics can be risky, so when John Varvatos relaunched Chuck Taylors, we knew there would be some imitators. But we didn’t expect this.

A product of the Virtual Shoe Museum, the “Converse Extension 1” is the first fusion of shoe and pants we’ve seen that didn’t seem like it should be worn with a surgical mask. If anything, it seems retro. It’s designed by the well-named Daryl van Wouw, as one of five “extensions” ranging from the steamy to the seasonal. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that stays below the knee.

Leaving aside the question of how long it takes to lace up, this seems like the beginning of a troubling trend. How long until the Converse Bodysuit rears its poorly stitched head?

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