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We’ve already stopped remembering phone numbers and writing down directions, but the flood of technology is about to wash away a genuinely useful skill. In just a scant few years, writing in cursive may join the ranks of useless abilities, alongside long division and parkour.

According to an elegiac piece in the Boston Globe (via PSFK), many teachers aren’t bothering to push kids through the cursive grind anymore, now that they’re bound for a world of Blackberries and LOLspeak. Meanwhile, every year, there are more adults who can’t read cursive…even if they’re handy with an HTML tag when the need arises.

We’re not too surprised longhand is dying off (it was never going to do too well in the Tumblr age), but allow us to suggest a bit of gentlemanly anachronism. Like tying a bow tie, you could do worse than being the only one in a group who can write a cursive S.

Of course, we’ll always have calligraphy….