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Long Live The King

  • Jared Paul Stern

mcqueen_crop.jpg Photo © MPTV / Richard Miller, courtesy Pavilion Books

We won't waste a lot of words here telling you just how fucking cool Steve McQueen was.

If you've been paying attention you already know all about it, and if not, well, that's OK too, but let your education begin with the most stylish damn book to muscle its way onto our desk this season: *Steve McQueen: A Life in Pictures*.

The first thing that sets it apart from the pack is the sheer size of the thing; at 10” x 12” the level of detail, sartorial and otherwise, is simply incandescent. Above, by way of example, is a snap of the King of Cool in one of his Porsches at the Riverside Raceway circuit in '59.

Just one though—we don't want to overload you….