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London Calling

  • Jared Paul Stern


It turns out that American Gangster costume designer Janty Yates was being semi-truthful when she said that Denzel Washington wore bespoke Savile Row suits in the flick. “Page Six” notes in passing that Denzel's dapper duds—some 30 suits, worth well over $100,000—were in fact made by English custom tailor Leonard Logsdail of… East 53rd St. in Manhattan.

We can forgive the lapse, however; Logsdail is a Savile Row transplant—along the lines of the late Henry Stewart, tailor to the likes of Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford and Paul Newman—who helped keep the bespoke British tradition alive in the early '80s by traveling to America in search of new customers. These customers, his associate Keith Fallan once explained, were men “in a senior enough position to be able to afford one of our suits, but still young enough to be vain.” No doubt that still holds true today, and Logsdail's work is first class, as anyone who's seen the movie can attest. The question remains for purists, however: can a suit made by a “Savile Row tailor” thousands of miles away from Savile Row still be called a “Savile Row suit”? Applying the champagne principle, we'd have to say no—but if the suit fits, wear it.