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Line of Fire

  • Jared Paul Stern


The good old-fashioned Zippo lighter is as much a part of any American male's essential kit as a navy blazer or a decent pair of loafers. Though the ones we've collected over the years have been relegated to a dresser drawer since we stopped smoking some years ago, we like to think of them as more than mere reminders of a misspent youth. Our favorite, in well-burnished sterling silver, still sees service on special occasions when there are ladies present whose cigarettes require fire.

Thus we were delighted to see them treated as *objets d'art* in Sherry Buchanan's new book *Vietnam Zippos*. For many American servicemen they were not only reminders of home but metal canvasses for expressing emotions often at odds with what they were required to do for their country. Whether you choose to ponder the poignancy of the engravings or just appreciate them as beautiful cultural artifacts, *Vietnam Zippos* deserves a place on your shelf.