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Lil’ Wayne Does Time

  • Najib Benouar


As of last Thursday, Lil’ Wayne has paid his debt to society (well, save for a little probation time). And in less than a week of freedom, he’s managed to catch a basketball game in New Orleans (and a new-look LeBron), hop up on stage in Las Vegas for a verse with Drake, and throw himself a champagne-soaked “Welcome Home Weezy” party at one of Miami’s finer clothing-optional establishments. The only thing he hasn’t managed to do—yet—is drop a new mixtape. (We’ve got the over-under set at the two week mark).

But most important of all, he seems to have gotten his watch back.

In particular, we’re thinking of the slick Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph seen on Mr. Carter’s wrist here. Unlike the ones you’ll see on older CEOs (and Jay-Z), this one doesn’t have the gold or titanium band or diamond encrusted bezel. It’s decidedly more sporty with a black rubber bezel and band. It’ll still run you the price of an entry level sedan, but it’s a great way to wear a classic timepiece without being ridiculously bling-y. (Ironically, we happen to be talking about the fellow who coined the phrase).

After noticing D’Wayne wearing the watch in a few pre-sentencing photos, we couldn’t help but think that this AP Chrono spent 8 months in confinement—in a confiscation envelope—in Rikers, awaiting Wayne’s release. Which paints a scene very similar to the Wall Street 2 trailer where Gordon Gekko receives that Zach Morris cellphone and his gold Cartier Tank, slips it on and is back to business as usual. Only picture Lil Wayne, an iPhone and this Royal Oak, not to mention a Maybach ride back to the city.

And hopefully a congratulatory phone call from Bill Clinton.