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Learning the Rules of the Road Trip

  • Kempt Staff

Road Trips

It’s been great having you along for the ride during Road Trip Week here on Kempt. (And what a helluva ride it’s been.)

So now that you’ve chosen the most suitable convertible, packed the correct weekender bag, found a sexy copilot or three and slipped into a pair of driving shoes, there’s only one thing left: hitting the road. And as a gentleman traveler, there are a few things you should be sure to know before setting out on this adventure of a lifetime.

Herewith, a few sage words of road trip wisdom...

Calling It a Road Trip: There’s a difference between “a long drive” and a road trip—and the latter is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. Naturally, there aren’t any bright-line tests here, but we’re inclined to make the starting point three hours or longer and it requiring at least one stop for sightseeing, a meal, gas or a drag race gone awry. Ultimately, there must be some forethought put into the trip—like choosing the slightly longer route for an off-the-beaten-path burger joint.

Speaking of Planning...: It’s fun to fold out a good old-fashioned paper map (your local AAA will still have them), but the Internet will suffice—and is especially helpful when you’re calculating driving times for multiple-day drives. Above all else, a little extra research can go a long way—roadhouses, canyons, giant balls of yarn: the road is your oyster.

Managing Your Passengers: Whether it’s crossing the country with a crew of buddies or your first serious outing with a lady friend: be accommodating. Give everyone a shot at tending the radio. Build in extra time for a routine pit stop to randomly go long. And have everyone review the itinerary beforehand in case there’s an unexpected expense or vegan taqueria someone would rather skip.

Driving: If you don’t understand the rules of the road, have someone else drive. But here’s a quick refresher: if you’re in the left “fast” lane, keep up—even if it means driving 10 to 15mph over the speed limit. Otherwise, only use the lane for passing. Behave yourself, there is such a thing as road karma, and teaching someone a lesson is not your job. Which reminds us: keep an eye out for Smokey.

Now, get out there and have some good clean fun.