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Lean With It


We may be saps, but we love a good shoutout. Especially when it’s directed at us.

The latest one comes from Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, who managed to land an interview in this month’s MR to big-up bowties, J. Crew, and the rise of men’s style. It’s required reading if you happen to be running a menswear store.

If all you’re doing is dressing yourself…you still might learn a thing or two.

The new face of men’s retailing: As guys get more comfortable with shopping and retailers get smarter about catering to guys, I can only see the men's business growing. This is something that Mickey Drexler understands at J. Crew. Look at what they are doing with the TriBeCa men's store. Guys don't want to walk through a women's floor to get to product. It is really crucial for them to feel comfortable in a retail environment.

On the modern man: If you think back to when the magazine world was polarized with lad mags and fashion magazines, regular guys didn't know where to fall. These days that sort of divide is gone and guys feel more comfortable with fashion.

In defense of ties: The tie is a perfect way to make a statement without coming off as if you are trying too hard.

Stoicism in the face of lurking bowtie prejudice: I love the strange glances I get on the subway when I wear bow ties…. There is a gray Alexander Olch Alpaca knit bowtie that just came out that is going to be my go-to this fall.

On TV’s dueling style icons: While I think Chuck Bass is amazing, he is no Don Draper.

His reading habits: I have an insane appetite for media. My favorite sites at the moment are Valet, Selectism, What I Learned Today, Reference Library, and Kempt.

We're blushing already.