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Late Bloomers


As intrigued as we are that the networks' nightcaps are back on the air, we (and the entire viewing audience) couldn't help but notice the new sidekicks on both the Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O'Brian—big, fuzzy beards.

According to their respective owners, both wooly patches were inspired by a confluence of strike solidarity and the typical lax in fine grooming that most TV stars adopt when on hiatus. Dave, who may be concealing some newfound chuff under those whiskers, appropriately name dropped mountain men, the Tailban, hicks and Santa when skewering his own bush (which received the Key to the City from Mayor Bloomberg). Conan, in all his self-effacement, didn't mention his sudden resemblance to the archetypical college prof. who tries to stay, "down with the kids," and periodically beds his teaching assistants.

In both cases, we love the variety and will be sad to see both beards go (as they must). Still, with all this talk of unions, we noticed a certain possible theme underlying all this hair.