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Lagerbear, Putin's Runway and the Hair Steps Down

lager bear

Mini Marcs: These kids may eventually have Marc Jacob's cache, but will they ever match his crazy? [NY Observer]

Dapper Discounts: Loehmann's to open it's first men's store in L.A. [DNRNews]

Thread Bear: Never say that Karl Lagerfeld isn't cuddly. [WWD, 2nd Item]

Forward Russia!: Vlad Putin enjoys his own martial fashion show. [London TImes]

Cole Trickle Rides Again: Tom Cruise finds a new, expensive reason to make whooshing, overenthusiastic onomatopoetic noises. [NYDN]

Muffled: Berlin Fashion Week will crush your head. [Manolo for Men]

Deal Alert: Big savings at Stuart Wright. [Racked]

The Do Is Done: The best hair on the campaign trail calls it quits. [CNN]