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Know the Time

whatamanshouldknow_crop.jpgPhoto by Anula Maiberg

The “manly advice” market is really taking off lately, between a few blogs we could name and *GQ*’s ever-increasing “rules” pieces. And, if you remember the Tribeca J. Crew store as well as we do, you know there’s a pretty good book form of it too. Say hello to What a Man Should Know, Volume 1, available at a bookstore and preppy menswear retailer near you.

The trick is dishing out trade wisdom without coming off as pompous or superior, and this volume pulls it off nicely, both with that knowing “Volume One” in the title and with a series of ironic ink silhouettes—like a passed-out figure under the caption “A Man Should Know His Capacity for Single Malt Scotch.” Of course, they’re right. It’s been said before, but never so well-said.

Here's a bit more wisdom, in case you need it:

A Man Should Know His Cellphone is Only Incidentally a Timepiece.

A Man Should Know that Certain Things Simply Don't Exist.

A Man Without a Maid Should Know How to Make His Bed Correctly.

A Man Should Know How To Drive in a Blizzard

A Man Should Know How to Sew (Though Other Men Need Not Know He Knows).