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Kendra Spears Is Scandalizing the Manor

Kendra Spearsvia Exit

Needs More Real Estate: 50 pretty good songs from 2011—including Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and 47 other much-less-famous people. [Vulture]

The Video: The Pirelli Calendar gets a making-of video. We’re holding out for the Blu-Ray. [Hypebeast]

The Two Sides of L.A.: Ice Cube is apparently a well-read Eames aficionado, and has dabbled as an architect. He contains multitudes, is the point. [NYTimes]

Have a Tip-Top Tet: An etiquette guide to genteel, inoffensive holiday greetings. Good paper in your holiday card will get you out of a lot. [MIEN]