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Kempt’s Guide to the Menswear Gift Guides

  • Najib Benouar

No doubt your inbox and just about every menswear site you frequent has made you aware: ’tis the season to be gifting. And, therefore, receiving. (This is geared toward the latter.)

In our ongoing campaign to help you win the holidays, we had our team of menswear research fellows cull every single gift guide on the Internet, pull out all of the best menswear and lay it all out in one handy be-all, end-all guide.

Put all of this on your holiday wish list, if it isn’t already. Or just conspicuously leave this guide open on as many browsers as possible.

Onward, to the bounty of handsomeness that awaits, in Kempt’s Guide to the Menswear Gift Guides.

The Gift Guide: “For the Boyfriend” from Selectism. The Pick: This pair of Illesteva shades claims to be unisex but skews masculine, so ask for these (and be ready to guard them).

The Gift Guide: “Hipster Boyfriend” from Bullett Magazine. The Pick: The guide’s title might sound like it’s all fedoras and trendiness, but this raincoat handmade by the Scotts at Mackintosh is the ne plus ultra of traditional outerwear.

The Gift Guide: “Gifts for Men That Don’t Suck” from Cool Material. The Pick: The TID No. 1 watch. One of our picks for making the case for the minimalist watch, so you know it’s legit.

The Gift Guide: “Holiday Gift Guide” from Put This On. The Pick: The vintage cufflinks. Nothing makes cufflinks cooler than being preceded by words like “deco” or “Edwardian.”

The Gift Guide: “Good Giving: 50 Under $50” from Well Spent. The Pick: Fear no more the gift of socks—if they’re these awesomely Technicolor knit ones. (As for ugly dress socks: continue fearing those.)

The Gift Guide: “Gift Guide” from Cool Hunting. The Pick: Armor Lux house slippers. They’re the Breton sweater for your feet (from the original makers of the fabled boating shirt) with crepe soles and lined in lamb’s wool for extra coziness.

The Gift Guide: “Shop Like an Editor” from GQ. The Pick: The foulard print pajamas. Your long mornings with coffee and the financial section deserve this.

The Gift Guide: “For the Man Who Has Everything” from Esquire. The Pick: The Isaia camel topcoat. Consider this the camel-feathered partridge in your sartorial pear tree.