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Kempt’s Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides of 2013

Father's Day

All right, the man’s not perfect. But he’s your father. And this Sunday, you have to show him that you appreciate that.

Now, fathers are certainly easier than mothers when it comes to these sorts of things. All dear ol’ Dad probably expects is your presence and a strong handshake. And maybe a card. But since he taught you not to do anything half-assed—for better or worse—you should probably go ahead and get the guy something anyway. And no excuses here; you can afford to splurge a little on the man you owe half your existence to.

From GQ to Cool Hunting to Vanity Fair, everyone’s got their opinions on where you should spend that pretty penny. So in an effort to simplify the decision, we’ve cut through all that noise and chosen our favorites... of their favorites.

For the slightly narrowed field, take a gander at Kempt’s Second Annual Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides (in order of Dad’s expected reaction...

GQ’s “Father's Day Gift Guide: 14 Gifts Under $100”

SteaksFor a Smirk: Pat LaFrieda Steaks. He taught you how to grill; now he’ll appreciate knowing that you understand what’s worth the effort of doing so.

Coach Passport CaseFor a Smile: The Coach Passport Case. Should go nicely with the tickets to Paris you bought Mom back in May.

WhiskeyFor an Ear-to-Ear Grin: The 12-Year Japanese Whiskey. He’s always enjoyed the American stuff—why not expand his palate across the Pacific?

Vanity Fair’s “Essential Tech for Father’s Day”

SpeakerFor a Smirk: The Wood Block Speaker. He’s always had an appreciation for when low-meets-high-tech.

HeadphonesFor a Smile: The Marshall Headphones. For when he wants to keep his music selection to himself.

For an Ear-to-Ear Grin: Dad’s still trying to master the remote control, so he’s probably not going to get too pumped about much of anything here.

Esquire’s “How to Show Your Dad You Care”

Army KnifeFor a Smirk: The Modern Swiss Army Knife. Bring the dad who prides himself on his utility into the 21st century.

RobeFor a Smile: The Seersucker Robe. He’s always wondered what to replace his flannel one with in the summer. Let him know.

WatchFor an Ear-to-Ear Grin: The Baume & Mercier Watch. Because one day he’ll pass it down to you.

Cool Hunting’s “Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013”

Fishing BoxFor a Smirk: The Fishing Flies and Box. Remind—and thank—him for all those childhood trips, even though at the time you didn’t understand their purpose.

Leather Tool BoxFor a Smile: The Deluxe Leather Tool Bag. For the Dad who likes to look capable while fixing things for Mom.

BarbourFor an Ear-to-Ear Grin: The Updated Barbour Jacket. He’s been meaning to replace his old one for years.

Men’s Health’s “50 Things Every Dad Wants”

GrillbotFor a Smirk: The Grillbot. Cleaning the damn thing is his least favorite part of grilling. Save him the trouble.

Shower SpeakerFor a Smile: The Showerhead Speaker. Even though Mom might not be as enthusiastic.

For an Ear-to-Ear Grin: Knowing that you take your suggestions from more trustworthy sources.

Details’s “Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013”

ShavingFor a Smirk: The Harry’s Shave Kit. The man’s been using the same two-blade since the ’70s. Even if he doesn’t appreciate it immediately, his face will soon.

BondFor a Smile: The Bond Boxed Set. You watched your first Bond film with the guy. Now he can watch the rest on his own time.

FujifilmFor an Ear-to-Ear Grin: The Updated Fujifilm Camera. He had one just like it back when film was the medium of choice. And he’ll be even more grateful when he understands why it’s not anymore.