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Kempt Man of the Hour: Patrick Dempsey

  • Jared Paul Stern

Patrick Dempsey

Photography: Patrick McMullan

We've never paid a whole lot of attention to *Grey's Anatomy* star Patrick Dempsey, but from the evidence at hand he seems to be one of those fellows who matures well, like a good bottle of Bordeaux. Always a pretty snappy dresser, at 41 he's finally coming into his own, style-wise.

At a screening for his new movie, the animation-collides-with reality flick *Enchanted* the other night, Dempsey turned out in a slim, beautifully-fitted two-button coffee-colored suit from *Versace's* Spring/Summer '08 collection (hitting stores in February), set off by a crisp white shirt and black silk necktie.

A subtle Art Deco-style tie bar emphasized the restrained elegance of the look while the fabrics gave off a subtly luxurious sheen. His next film, the romantic comedy *Made of Honor* (hitting theaters in May), isn't really our bag, but he does a good job portraying a stylish clothes horse who drives around in a vintage E-Type Jag picking up chicks. Nice work if you can get it.