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Kempt Man of the Hour: Guy Ritchie

  • Jared Paul Stern

Guy Ritchie

*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Being married to Madonna must be no picnic, even for a rough and tumble type like Guy Ritchie. He started out as your average yob, then she got him involved in all that quasi-religious claptrap in L.A. and he had to trail around after her in white velour tracksuits carrying the Kabbalah Water.

Since moving back to his native British countryside, however, Ritchie has grown into the role of English gentleman nicely—even if Madonna does seem to think she's the Queen Mum.

At the Cinema Society/Piaget screening of his new movie Revolver the other night, Ritchie turned out in a flawless three-piece cashmere blend gray flannel Savile Row suit with a ticket pocket, worn with a classic white shirt, navy pin dot tie, and complimentary foulard pocket square. His bespoke wingtips bore the luster of many a lackey's polishing—or maybe Madonna makes him do it himself.