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Kempt Man of the Hour: Zac Posen

It’s a time-tested rule: designers have all the fun.

Take Zac Posen’s latest three-piece as your first example, spotted at the Belvedere Bloody Mary launch. It’s the kind of outsized elegance most gentlemen don’t dare attempt, but all it takes is a good tailor and a knack for details. Our favorite touch might be the shawl-collar on his waistcoat, a trick you usually see on gentleman twice his age and double his belt size. Throw in a knit tie to complete the blue-and-gray spectrum, and he’s ready for the hall of fame.

The banker’s collar isn’t exactly on-trend—but when you’re wearing this kind of getup, you’re allowed to blaze a few trails. After this, we might have to break our own out of storage.