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Kempt Man of the Hour: Timo Weiland

timoweilandmoth_crop.jpgvia GoaG

There’s a fine line between advanced layering and looking like a homeless person.

Timo Weiland is walking that line.

On a pure design level, the scarf-and-overcoat is the same thing you see on bankers and senators once December rolls around, but on Timo it seems a little more…adventurous. The semi-floral pattern pushes everything off kilter, into strange haute -formal territory where only fashion designers dare to tread. Depending on the lighting, the look changes from businessman to bag lady—exactly the kind of edge most designers are happy to adopt.

And of course, the shaggy beard and bewildered expression only help to sell it all. Anyone who can stay that aloof on a red carpet can wear whatever they want.