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Kempt Man of the Hour: Mark Ronson


Going bleach-blond is a pretty extreme move—kind of like a powder-blue suit, come to think of it—but when it’s done right it’s the sort of high-wire sartorialism that earns MOTHs.

It helps that the resulting ‘do is more LES punk than surfer dude—even if that’s a surfboard behind him, and later on in the evening he was shaking hands with Laird Hamilton.

The bouffant gets a more styled look in this month’s BlackBook, but we prefer to see it in the wild—particularly since it means there’s still a touch of blue at his roots. Combed upward and set against Ronson’s usual dapper style, the peroxide touch seems like a callback to early 80s Bowie, which is a comparison any genre-bender should be happy about.

And, lest we forget, it’s a pretty fantastic suit.