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Kempt Man of the Hour: Keith Richards

  • Jared Paul Stern


By now, you'd think someone else would have come along to usurp Keith Richards' as the archetype of sex, drugs and rock & roll style. As a group, the geriatric juggernaut that is the Rolling Stones seems a bit comic with their never-ending world touring, but while the rest of the band looks like they've traded hookers and blow for Depends and Metamucil, Keef keeps rocking on.

He's not carefully-maintained and certainly not well-preserved, but rather perfectly and stylishly weathered.

At the premiere of Martin Scorsese's greatish new Stones documentary, *Shine A Light* the other night, Richards, who turns 65 this years and recently shot an ad for Louis Vuitton, was in perfect form.

On anyone else his age, the Crocodile Dundee hat, bedraggled mane, aboriginal accessories, leopard-print scarf, blue nail polish and one-fingered salute would just look fucking ridiculous. On Keith, he earned 'em, and it's art.


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