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Kempt Man of the Hour: Justin Theroux


It’s rare that a man gets a pair of Moscots named after him, but it’s even rarer that he does it without most people ever knowing who the hell he is. For most of the 00s, he was inseparable from those glasses, usually paired with gelled hair and a serious deadpan. Look to Mullholland Drive for the kickoff, but there’s plenty more where that came from.

But being an icon has its drawbacks, especially when it means you’re too cool to be famous, so in the past few years he’s reinvented himself as a star screenwriter—which just so happens to require a new dress code.

So when a couple weeks back, when he showed up to the international premiere of Iron Man 2—which he wrote, but doesn’t appear in—almost none of the usual trademarks were in evidence. In fact, between the button-down collar and the scruffy stubble, he didn’t even look that much like an actor…especially if you didn’t look at his shoes. What’s that old saying about dressing for the job you want?