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Kempt Man of the Hour: Donald Glover

mothdonaldglover_crop.jpgvia Gawker

It’s hard to host a party. You want everyone to enjoy themselves, which means keeping track of dozens of little details, but it also means having fun yourself. And if your guests happen to be a crowd of cred-obsessed, possibly shrooming college kids, you also don’t want to come off like a square.

The answer, courtesy of Donald Glover, is to wear a tie. He hosted MTVu’s Woodie Awards at SXSW this past week, in an outfit remarkably similar to an i-banker at happy hour. Granted, the tie’s a little longer than we'd like (that’s what he gets for loosening it on the fly), but otherwise it’s just about perfect: sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow and repp stripe just playful enough to feel young.

It’s still a suit, but he’s done everything possible to dress it down. And if you scan the crowd, there’s no mistaking who’s in charge of the show.