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The Tieman Cometh


Vintage lover and Friend-of-Kempt David Hart has been one of our favorite tie men since we saw his scotch-plaid bow ties back in November, but after his UrbanDaddy write-up, we figured it was time to give his wardrobe a closer look.

Clearly we caught him on a casual day, so there's a few brand names mixed into the usual slew of one-of-a-kind items. The Dale-ish holiday sweater is from good old Ralph, but our favorite item here is the monogrammed case, a vintage find particularly useful for carrying tie samples.

The playful pajama-ish Rugby pants give the whole getup an appropriately loose feeling—it’s winter after all. As for the pitch-perfect Woolrich hunting hat, Hart says he got it from his grandfather, which reminds us, we really should give old pop-pop a call…

Or at least see if there’s anything in his closet he isn’t using.