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Kempt Man of the Hour: Bryan

This week’s gent is a bit more outré than our usual tastes—that’s a wig, for starters—but it’s a great clinic in working more adventurous items into your routine.

Consider the outfit piece-by-piece. The jeans and the sweater are both mainline Uniqlo—roughly the cheapest good stuff you can buy. If you ditched the scarf, the bowtie and the overcoat, he’d look like a well-dressed temp. Those three accessories elevate him into fashion-show territory, and we’d guess he’ll be wearing at least one of them again tomorrow.

And while we’d normally find a short-sleeved, fur-lined coat to be a little over the top, when it’s over jeans and oxfords, somehow it’s not quite so intense.

As for the wig…you’ll want to work up to it slowly.