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Kempt Goes to Cannes

Cannes Red Carpet

After disappearing late last week without a peep, our intrepid editorial director Randy Goldberg finally resurfaced—telling stories of the Riviera and a close encounter with Sir Robert DeNiro. Of what really went on there, we have only this record… When our friends at Stella Artois asked if I had a couple of days to drop by Cannes, bunk down at Chez Jacques at the near-perfect Carlton Hotel, help close out the Festival and generally use the word Riviera as a verb, I obliged. I brought a tuxedo, a pair of trunks and an appetite for le destruction. As for what I found there, all the rumors are true: yachts made of solid gold, an endless fountain of truly mesmerizing creatures, gala-side dealmaking, Chanel breezes, 30-euro cocktails, le Palm D’Or, flashbulb sunburns, method acting during hotel lobby brawls (that would be Mr. Gosling), enough rose to drown a desperate housewife, and, of course, the gracious hospitality of Jacques D’Azur.

Cannes HarborLa Riviera

Cannes BoardwalkPierside in Cannes

Bjorn Borg at CannesFrench Things

Cannes LadiesMore French things

TableThe Equipment

Stella LoungeJacques D'Azur's pad at The Carlton

Carlton HotelThe Carlton Hotel

Red CarpetOn The Carpet

Cannes Awards CeremonyThe Closing Ceremonies

Cannes Awards CeremonyAll the Winners

Jude LawHey, Jude

Catherine DeneuveCatherine Deneuve sneaks a smoke break

Randy Goldberg, Kirsten Dunst and Robert DeniroOur esteemed editorial director, on the left, with a couple pals, no big deal.