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Kempt Digs: Vertical Stripes

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


As recently professed, we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the classic vertical stripe. So we’re pretty pumped to see that the ’60s throwback is trending back into menswear circles, with updated takes on offer from the likes of Gant and Steven Alan.

Naturally, we combed the Internet to bring you the five best ways to go vertical:

0506Kempt-Steven-Alan-Classic-Collegiate-ShirtSteven Alan Classic Collegiate Shirt

0506Kempt-Gant-Sailor-Stripe-Pullover-ShirtGant Sailor Stripe Pullover Shirt

0506Kempt-Fred-Perry-Holiday-Stripe-ShirtFred Perry Holiday Stripe Shirt

0506Kempt-Ben-Sherman-Summer-Candy-Stripe-Short-Sleeve-ShirtBen Sherman Summer Candy Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt

0506Kempt-Frank-And-Oak-Glenwood-Striped-ShirtFrank & Oak Glenwood Striped Shirt