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Keith Olbermann Is America's Most Fired Man

Keith Olbermann

It’s not easy being America’s Most Fired Man.

On Friday, Current TV joined the long list of networks that have fired Olbermann, and by last night, emails between the impeccably coiffed anchor and his former network had already made their way into reporters’ hands. Also, Visa and MasterCard may have lost track of 10 million credit card numbers, and more info on the winners of a $640 million jackpot started to trickle out. Luckily, we’ve got it all in your weekly briefing after the jump.

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: In the wake of Olbermann’s abrupt firing, The Daily Beast dug up a trove of emails between Keith Olbermann and Current TV execs, which make just about everyone look bad. For their part, Current literally couldn’t keep the lights on in the studio, experiencing blackouts in the middle of production. On the other side, Olbermann took off 19 out of 41 days in the first two months of the year, all while picking up $10 million per year. It dissolved so fast, we’re starting to think Spitzer was egging them on from the sidelines.

Credit Cards

FOLLOW THE MONEY: According to Krebs on Security, Visa and MasterCard started alerting banks this week of a massive breach at a domestic credit card processor. The breach was discovered earlier this month, and could affect as many as 10 million accounts, focusing on taxis and parking garages in New York City. Affected banks are already monitoring for irregularities...but it couldn’t hurt to double-check your account.

Mega Millions

LUCKY NUMBERS: The $640 million Mega Millions jackpot went down on Friday, with exactly three winning tickets cashing in on the big prize. Recent reports say they were sold in Baltimore, Northeast Kansas and an Illinois town outside St. Louis, but so far no one’s come forward to claim their $213 million share. Which means, technically, it could still be you.

Also, with yesterday being April Fools’ Day and all, we got news that Conan O’Brien bought Mashable, Google introduced a Morse code keyboard and the Criterion Collection plans to release a remastered version of Kindergarten Cop. We assume at least one of those is true.

Fool me once...