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Jeany Kicz’s Shoes Are Made of Lacquered Ham

via Fashion Copious

The Watches of Pitti: Jeremy Kirkland stops by Pitti Uomo for a survey of the watches on display. As you might expect, a lot of Submariners and GMTs. [Hodinkee]

The Lies of the Media!: Is the “man bun” the hot new hairstyle? Or is it kind of silly and not really a thing? Only you can decide. [NYTimes]

Both Lover and Fighter: A reasoned, thoughtful commentary on sex-punching, which is also apparently trending. Naturally, the etiquette can be quite complex. [XOJane]

Bird People, Dear Reader: And in honor of the almost-weekend, here’s a pair of people flying down mountains in one of those human-parachute-bird costumes. [LikeCool]