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Jay Z’s “Holy Grail”: A Style Breakdown

JZ_Header Google "MTV" and "news" and you’re still likely to get search results all worked up over Miley Cyrus and her already infamous foam finger. (Halloween costume, anyone?)

But in our humble opinion, the most important thing concerning the network—or at least the world of music videos—happened last Thursday, when Hova teamed up with Justin Timberlake and released his video for “Holy Grail.” The visuals include: champagne pyramids, all-black suits, immaculately chosen accent jewelry and, uh, sexy ghosts.

JZ_Photo 1 1. When it comes to jewelry for serious pondering, you have two options: one large statement piece...

JZ_Photo 2 2. ...or a few smaller, subtler sparkly bits. (Possibly left over from the “Dick in a Box” video.)

JZ_Photo 3 3. Coordinate with friends ahead of time to avoid matching Halloween costumes.

JZ_Photo 4 4. Drained swimming pools-cum-art galleries are never jacket-optional.

JZ_Photo 5 5. Be sure to protect your possessions whilst napping on the job.

JZ_Photo 6 6. And remember, when dressed to the nines; keep a distance from precariously placed glassware.

No one’s got time for spills.