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Jacket Companies Making Things Besides Jackets

  • Najib Benouar


We’ve been noticing a startling new trend in menswear: jacket companies are diversifying their portfolios.

First we heard that venerable coaterie Barbour was getting into the watch game. Then there was something about Patagonia selling food. And with a bit more digging, we found even more options to buy non-outerwear gear from your favorite jacket makers.

Let’s take a look at the new ventures from these enterprising labels:

022814_Stutterheim-Volvo-Car-CoverThe Label: Stutterheim, known for their Swedish raincoats. The New Venture: Car covers, in a feat of Scandinavian synergy with Volvo.

042814_Filson-Shinola-Bixby-BikeThe Label: Filson, known for their durable and weatherproof oil-finished tin cloth jackets. The New Venture: Bicycles, in collaboration with Shinola.

042814_Patagonia-Jackets-Provisions-SalmonThe Label: Patagonia, known for their technologically advanced outdoor gear. The New Venture: Patagonia Provisions, a new arm of the company focusing on food—they’ve started with salmon jerky and will continue into more dry foods like health bars.

042814_Barbour-WatchesThe Label: Barbour, makers of the classic waxed-cotton coats. The New Venture: Watches that we can only assume will be as rugged and handsome as their jackets—when the watches launch this fall.