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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

Errors in Production

Like most menswear bloggers, we’ve got a soft spot for factories. The flow of the assembly line, the rhythmic whir of the machines, the forward march of materials being made into goods.

It’s not perfect, though. For every 10,000 identical Coke cans that roll off the assembly line, there’ll be a couple that are a little off the mark. Or better yet, a lot off the mark. And now there’s a blog devoted to sharing them with the world.

It’s called Errors in Production, and it hosts everything from mutant gummi bears to a double-handled espresso cup. It’s arty, make no mistake, but there’s something funny and more than a little poignant about seeing all those castoffs in one place.

And most importantly, they’re taking submissions—so that misshapen Grolsch bottle can finally be put to good use.