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It’s Time for a Pre-Winter Tune-Up

  • Kempt Staff


Not to get too apocalyptic on you, but... winter is coming.

And you ought to be prepared—your trusty jacket might need reproofing, your parka could probably use a bit more down fill and your leather shoes need to be steeled for the snow and salt that will be on the ground before you know it (just ask South Carolina).

So we’ve put together this quick-and-handy guide on how to tune up your gear for winter...

110614_jacket-reproofing Get Your Waxed Jacket Reproofed: You can either attempt to do it yourself, or leave it to the pros at New England Reproofers.

110614_down-refill Give Your Down Outwear a Fluffing: Believe it or not, you can get a little extra warmth out of an old down parka or vest by refilling it at your local outdoor equipment supplier or send it over to Scottish Mountain Gear.

110614_wash-wool Freshen Up Your Wools: From your fine-gauge cashmere-layering sweaters to your chunky ragg-wool boot socks, you should have amassed a small arsenal of wool—that has been getting musty in storage since spring. So de-must it all by simply giving it a quick bath in Woolite followed by another quick dunk in water to rinse. (Repeat as necessary with anything wooly.)

110614_sno-seal Prepare Your Leather for Action: Your shoes and boots are going to take the brunt of the snow’s wrath, whether it’s still on the ground, turned to slush or been salted into submission. You’ll want, at the minimum, a good set of shoe trees, a brush and leather cream. And a fresh coat of Sno-Seal isn’t a bad idea for your workhorse boots.