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It's About Times


Did you notice anything odd about the Times Style Section today? We don't mean chicken-fashion odd - indeed, we mean good odd. Look, when The Grey Lady offers up another David Coleman piece about the resurgence of pants, a "Modern Love" entry on dead babies/girlfriends/husbands or whatever dust bunnies are rattling around Cathy Horyn's head, we're always the first ones to take the piss.

But today...

Starting with Eric Wilson's enlightening piece on the mainstream success of the indie store Opening Ceremony, the Style Section, normally dedicated to more feminine concerns, offers a full plate for the male reader. Always one with the snappy prose but often assigned to odd shops, Mr. Critical Shopper Mike Albo takes a trip to one of our absolute favorites, Atelier. From there, our beloved David Coleman works his "X is back!" magic on something that is actually coming back - bow ties. Okay, you can laugh a little, but it's good eats nonetheless. Finally, the cagey, near-incomprehensible Cathy Horyn lays her thoughts (and career) on the line with an honest, clear-headed and cutting entry on her recent tiff with Giorgio Armani. Sure it contains a strange half defense of the fashion critic - but then again, being a fashion critic is only about half defensible anyway (we wrestle with it every day.)

So brava, Styles! You've finally given fashionable, intelligent, straight males a Thursday full of quality content. As for next week... only Trip Gabriel knows.