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It’s a Wash


Style rules are made to be broken, but we expected the one about water and leather to last just a little bit longer…

The folks at Seattle’s Blackbird just turned us on to an interesting trick for turning crisp leather jackets into something a little bit more interesting. Apparently ten minutes in a bathtub followed by a few days drying out in a closet can create interesting wrinkles, rich dye patterns and a generally fascinating item of clothing.

Blackbird details the process here, but they’re also offering the jacket at left as part of an unauthorized collab with Tim Hamilton—one of the more intriguing ideas to come out of a boutique this year, if we may say so. The two thousand dollar price tag makes us more enthusiastic about taking to our bathtub, but there’s a few caveats to consider: 1) If it’s not premium leather, you’ll risk a little cracking and 2) You may be in for the weirdest tub rings you’ve ever seen.

And if you happen to like the jacket the way it is…you should probably sleep on it.