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Italian Shoes by Way of Nashville

  • Najib Benouar


Indulge us for a moment here and imagine if two of menswear’s favorite pastimes—Americana and Italian craftsmanship—were turned into a shoe...

Chances are they’d look a lot like the boots from Peter Nappi—which just so happen to be going for 20% to 40% under retail right now on UrbanDaddy Perks.

Leather artisan Phillip Nappi traces his roots back to a grandfather who made shoes in Italy (the namesake of the company), and nowadays Nappi the Younger makes some hardwearing boots meticulously crafted from Tuscan leather from his leather studio based in the heart of Honky-Tonk. Our favorite of the bunch is the Romeo, constructed of a single, continuous piece of leather stretched over a last that’s supposed to fit so well, you could go without the laces. Which puts them somewhere between your favorite pair of oxfords and loafers.

Not a bad place to be—especially for your feet.