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Is Bruce Springsteen Dyeing His Hair? A Critical Investigation

We’re pleased to see Bruce Springsteen back on the scene, supporting a new album...but there’s something different about him. We love the Boss, so it pains us to say this—but when a man of 62 appears with hair as consistently coltish as this, certain questions have to be asked. And as duly appointed grooming experts, we had no choice but to track down the answers...

This is the picture that made us curious, snapped at the Rome Film Festival in January 2010. His hair’s fully brown, but we can make out a little graying in his stubble and, more tellingly, across the front of his hairline. It can be difficult to tell given the spotlight, but compare that to the recent publicity shot below.

Here, he’s mahogany all the way through, and it looks a little strange. This is the same refreshed coif you’re likely to see on TV, and the shade of brown is just a little too vibrant to be believed—especially compared with the shades of gray we saw in that stubble. Still, beard coloring can be tricky, so there’s still an off chance.

And finally, the silver bullet (so to speak). This pic comes from the premiere of Steven Van Zandt’s Lilyhammer a little more than a month ago, and you can clearly see a touch of distinguished gray around the Boss’s temples, along with a few salty wisps above his forehead. And not surprisingly, it looks pretty good.

We’d go so far as to say he looks better here than with the eerie chocolate locks above...which leads back to our favorite style lesson of all: when in doubt, keep it natural. Maybe for the next album, he’ll let his grizzled flag fly.