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Introducing Travel Week... with the Icons

  • Kempt Staff


It’s a fair bet that you’ll be doing some traveling in the near future (’tis the season). And since time is precious, we’re here to help you navigate the perils of holiday travel—stylishly, of course—in this weeklong series we’re calling: Travel Week.

And we begin the festivities with some inspiration on travel style from the icons:

Paul Newman Upon His Arrival In Venice In 1963Paul Newman

1111_Travelicons_2Cary Grant (next to Alfred Hitchcock)

1111_Travelicons_3The Rolling Stones

1111_Travelicons_4JFK and Gianni Agnelli (also pictured above)

1111_Travelicons_5Ralph Lauren

1111_Travelicons_6John Barrymore

1111_Travelicons_7Led Zeppelin

1111_Travelicons_8Steve McQueen (with an assist from Ali MacGraw)

1111_Travelicons_9Elton John

1111_Travelicons_10Gregory Peck

1111_Travelicons_11Porfirio Rubirosa