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Introducing... The Holiday Must-Haves

  • Najib Benouar

In our ongoing campaign to help you win the holidays, we’ve come up with a list of eight integral items you’ll want handy for the upcoming season.

Some are things you can wear, some are calls to action, and some are just a state of mind. But they all add up to one hell of a festive menagerie, bound to get you in the holiday spirit. We’ve got the entire list below, but as always, you can find them anytime you’re in need of inspiration on the left side of the Kempt home page.

Let the happy holidaying begin.

From left to right:

1. Updated Holiday Kitsch. It’s the first step to winning the holidays: getting your personal holiday effects in order, from artisanal snow globes to the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. We’ll show you the way.

2. An Eggnog Alternative. A bowl of strong drink is essential to any successful holiday gathering, but not everyone can stomach the nog. So we’d suggest choosing something from master cocktailer David Wondrich’s recipes: the Christmas Rum Punch is an obvious choice, but the Fish House Punch is our favorite (anything with a good amount of cognac tastes like the holidays).

3. A Seasonal Sweater. The holiday sweater is a time-honored tradition that’s lost its way over the years. Get one that’s not a joke. You owe it to yourself and the good name of sweaters everywhere.

4. A Conversation-Starting Jacket. It’s gala season. Even if you’re not attending any this year, dressing like you are should draw the right kind of attention.

5. A Firewood Carrier. You’re going to spend at least one weekend at a snow-locked cabin, reenacting the training montage from Rocky IV. Here’s how you’ll carry all that wood you chopped back to the fireplace.

6. City-fied Snow Boots. You can’t always go clomping around in big rubber galoshes whenever there’s snowfall.

7. A Real Fur Santa Hat. Not that we’re totally endorsing wearing a Santa hat to every holiday party, but in the right setting, we can make an exception. And if you’re going for it, you ought to do it right—with real Australian lamb fur. Proceed festively and with caution.

8. A Mistletoe State of Mind. The holidays are about togetherness. And nothing says that more than stealing a kiss under the season’s most lascivious frond. Or being extra nuzzle-y in general.