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Introducing... The Fall Must-Haves

You might have noticed it’s feeling a little more autumnal today on Kempt—as if our digital leaves were turning and a brisk breeze were wafting the comforting smell of hard apple cider through your screen...

That feeling is emanating from our left-most column, where we’ve updated our Must Haves to reflect the season’s greatest wants and needs—amongst them hounds, houndstooth and some very lovely motherfucking decorative gourds. We invite you to take a look, make a mental note and remember that they’ll be right there all season, ready to be revisited should you ever need more inspiration for your autumnal endeavors.

Though you’ll have to stitch your own blanket of sweaters.

Clockwise: 1. New Driving Gloves. 2. Motherfucking Decorative Gourds. 3. A Houndstooth Double-Breasted Blazer. 4. A Go-To Sports Bar. 5. Back to School Pencils. 6. A Hound. 7. A Jack Rose. 8. A Blanket Made of Sweaters.