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Introducing Dom Vetro: Handmade Specs from the Italian Alps

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Dom Vetro

You’ve probably noticed: the sun is shining. As such, our ever-timely comrades over at UrbanDaddy have tipped us off to the newest kid on the sunglass block, Dom Vetro. They’ve told us what we need to know, and we’re paying it forward.

The short story is that sometime last year, Ashley Bezamat set out on a pilgrimage to find master craftsmen of Italian eyewear, hoping to bring their excellence stateside. He found Mecca in Cadore at the foothills of the Italian Alps, where he’s partnered with a family who’ve been making frames and lenses by hand since the 17th century.

The finer points of what this all means...

• Maybe you’ve guessed: the shades are super-Italian. All of the materials, from the polarized lenses to the acetate frames and the leather case they’ll arrive in, are sourced from and made in Italy.

• Brothers Marco and Luigi Cadore (yes, like the town) are the Maestri behind the brand. They’ve been perfecting this art of face handsomeness their entire lives.

• While they’ve got six styles in their arsenal, each pair is one of a kind (that whole bench-made thing), so you’re guaranteed no one will be walking around with the same specs.

From the sound of things, these guys are poised to be a game changer. So hop on over to their webshop and pick up a pair. You’ll start the trend.