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Indecency, Portland, and America’s Finest Hats


Oh Lydia: Unemployment forces Lydia Hearst to indecency. She used to be so modest! [FashionIndie]

The Meme of Memes: Catnip for movie nerds…as usual, alphabetization is involved. [TakePart]

Portland is for Lovers: Singing the praises of Winn Perry, Portland’s finest men’s boutique. It’s also Portland’s third best kept secret, after mass transit and Stephen Malkmus’ solo work. [ultra]

A Simpler Time: A look at heaven circa 1958. Apparently it’s a kitchen. [Jezebel]

Keep it Under Your Hat: A quick roundup of your hat options as the winter approaches. We still like the beanie, but it’s a niche look. [Refinery29]