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In the Capsule, 2010 Edition


There’s a lot of trendcasting to be done at fashion industry gatherings, but as you may recall, you can learn a lot without looking at the racks.

On that note, allow us to present the well-dressed gentlemen, starting with one Mark McNairy.

The cobbler and preppy guru (he’s on the right) was showing off the fruits of his recent expansion into hats and collared shirts. Those felt fedoras and lawn-cloth button-downs are just some of the fruits of his recent labors, but it’ll have to get quite a bit warmer before they’re ready for the masses. You can’t quite see his shoes, but we assure you, they were impeccable, and more importantly he kept the cuffs rolled to stave off Too-Long Pants Syndrome. Take notes.


This trio of gents caught our eye with one solid tip a piece. First, on the left, Jason Kim from Idiel Showroom made a solid case for Korean cardigans, as well as a reason to stop worrying and love the untucked shirt. In the middle, Grant Bloodworth from Stetson showed off his brand’s Hatteras flatcap, as well as demonstrating the power of a pocket square to liven up just about anything. Finally, Morito Ai of &Park left the bottom button of his cardigan loose, and made us rethink the whole “no white after labor day” thing. Well played, all around.

Now, about what was on those racks…