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In the Capsule


The capsule show this week had a lot of inspiration on hand—in the clothes and in the complimentary cocktails—but to be honest, we’re still sorting through it all. Scandanavian clothing! Free brownies! We saw Damon Dash! For reals!

In the meantime, we thought we’d take a look at some of the better dressed attendees. As you might imagine, the competition was pretty heated. And, because of the literal heat, bare ankles and wrists were the order of the day.

This well-inked gentleman is Jordan Saylor, proprietor of Portland boutique Winn Perry—you might remember them as the northwestern source for Sovereign Beck ties. On his travels to the east, he’s decked out in a seersucker and oxford combo, combined with a leather satchel that may be the best thing about the outfit. After all, he’s here on business.


Continuing the bowtie trend, this gent was representing Pegleg, a simplistic summery line. Although we aren’t sure about the pullover waistcoat, we have to admit he pulls it off.

And we’ll never say a bad word about sockless loafers. If it wasn’t for the shirt, he’d be ready to take off yachting at a moment’s notice.


The last pic comes from the Danish line Mjölk. Again, note rolled sleeves and bare ankles, but the real prize here are the pants. They’re one of Mjölk’s specialties: tailored sweatpants. In other words, instead of the usual sloppy bagginess, these give you a trim cut in the same fuzzy material. It’s quite a gamble, but we’d say it’s working pretty well here.

They certainly roll up well enough.