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In Defense of Eye Cream

Men’s grooming

Men’s grooming guides follow a simple playbook. You stake out the basics (the barber, the nail clipper), the adventurous flourish (beard oil, anyone?) and the forbidden zone where any self-respected heterosexual man dare not venture.

We’re not complaining—or lining up for pedicures, now that you mention it—but we’d like to make the case for a certain oft-maligned product that usually gets short shrift, most notably in Esquire’s latest ode to grooming.

Gentlemen, it’s time to reconsider eye cream.

We know, it conjures up images of cold cream and foundation, but it’s not as precious as it sounds. We like to think of it as an extension of your facial soap. It’s only natural that you use a slightly less abrasive soap on your cheeks than on your armpits, so we’re willing to take the leap and give that delicate patch of skin around our eyes the same treatment. All it takes is having one more bottle of goo in your shower; hopefully your masculinity will survive.

Our favorite comes from Kyoku, which bundles their goo alongside a gel to give you a little extra skin-toning action. Of course, as Esky rightly points out, cutting out coffee will do even more to keep you un-Buscemi’d, but we see a few extra minutes in the shower as the easier option. It’s extra maintenance, sure, but if it means staying out for an extra hour without losing your rakish charm, it should be worth it.