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I’m With the Band


Count on A.P.C. to make even the band t-shirt seem like the result of a struggle.

They just put out a series of clever t-shirts for the bands Housse de Racket, Koko Von Napoo and The Teenagers, but what’s usually a quirky opportunity for brands to stretch their design legs has become downright cranky.

Instead of basking in the rock star’s reflected glow, A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou has apparently taken this opportunity to explain exactly what’s wrong with kids today. In the release, he writes, “It all started in the nineties, when a Clash clad in Prada was sometimes encountered, and now baby clashes are all posing for Prada. Poseurs have taken the place of heroes. I do hate rock ‘n’ roll.”

Them’s fightin’ words...

Of course, Touitou’s mostly right, but we’re not used to this level of crabbiness from our designers, even the French ones. It’s even more surprising in the context of the shirts, which turn out to be remarkably playful. The bottom two are colorful enough to make for good summerwear, but our favorite is the one up top, which writes out the chord changes for an entire Housse de Racket song.

Apparently, it’s all about the music.