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Icon: Rod Laver

  • Najib Benouar

Every time some new tennis hotshot goes on a major winning streak, Rod Laver’s name gets bandied about. It’s for good reason, of course. He is the only man still living to have completed the Grand Slam—winning all four major tennis tournaments in the same year. And he’s done it twice. It’s really an impressive stat, seeing as the recent technological advancements in sports have led to the shattering of just about every other record in the books—and the tennis world has had since 1969 to catch up.

The latest contender was Novak Djokovic. The kid was on a tear, but ultimately met his demise on Monday, one game short of the Grand Slam, on the clay courts of Roland Garros—reaffirming that Rod Laver is in a class of his own. In addition to his contributions to tennis, he also gave us one of the more timeless summer shoes in existence (his eponymous Adidas). They’re most commonly found in all-white with a grass-green sole—which is how Rod dressed almost exclusively. We’d like to take a moment to give the man his due with five iconic photos of Mr. Laver.

Consider this your master class in tennis whites.