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Icon: Peter O’Toole

Peter O'Toole

Peter O’Toole deserves that drink.

He’s ridden camels. Tilted at windmills. Been king. Tutored an unruly child-emperor. Played an elderly Casanova. The list goes on and on.

All while maintaining a haphazardly dapper visage.

The star of Lawrence of Arabia (and about 70 other movies in the exactly 50 years since), O’Toole’s has had a career that most actors would kill for. And he’s won some awards along the way. But infuriatingly, despite his best efforts, never an Oscar.

So, both as a consolation and because it’s well overdue, we’re bestowing upon him our highest honor: Kempt Icon. Here’s why...

He was born in either Connemara, Ireland, or Leeds, England—he has birth certificates from both and no early-life recollection of either, but there’s no question what founded his fondness for a good tweed.


And as an eight-time Oscar-nominated non-winner, O’Toole has always been a strong contender in black tie, with an attitude to boot.


Of course, he’s had moments to keep things more casual. Though for O’Toole, casual has never precluded a healthy dose of layering. Or an ascot.


Well, actually, nothing has ever really precluded an ascot for the guy.


Despite that, or more likely as a result of it, O’Toole has gained our respect. Well, that and the time he declined a knighthood.


Like a boss.