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Icon: Halston


We don’t get the opportunity to write about women’s wear much at Kempt.

And today, that... stays exactly the same.

We will, however, discuss one of the most famous women’s wear designers: Roy Halston Frowick, otherwise known as Halston, otherwise known as one of the most iconic fashion designers—and iconic men, period—of the past 100 years.

A few of his best looks, and a few things you should know about him...

1. He’s from Des Moines. 2. He partied with the Jaggers, Warhol and Liza at Studio 54. 3. He designed Jackie Kennedy’s iconic pillbox hat. 4. His namesake line was revived in 2007 thanks to Harvey Weinstein. Yes, that Harvey Weinstein. 5. There’s a 2010 documentary about him called Ultrasuede. Required viewing.

Oh, and as the following photos show, he dressed himself with a style both of-the-moment (that moment being disco-fied ’70s) and timeless.






[Author’s Note: Several photos were borrowed from this excellent post at Fashion’s Most Wanted. Much obliged.]