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I Get Round


The Times Style section has been pretty light on fluffy trend pieces of late, but it looks like they were saving them up for when the honchos went on vacation. The latest hot look: the pot belly. Does this mean James Gandolfini’s due for a comeback?

There’s a teeming collage of pleasantly tubby Brooklynites for the unimpressed, but the bellies are all more likely to be the result of lapsed gym memberships than a new avant-garde style statement. And naturally, no style piece would be complete without a reference to the president, via the speculation that Obama’s flat stomach has inspired the hipster’s contrarian streak. (Doesn’t Barack have enough on his plate without having to answer for Williamsburg’s paunch?)

The overall gist seems to be that hipsters have been letting themselves go. It’s good to know, but alongside a fat-baiting JC Penney tirade, perhaps a little inconsistent. Maybe bellies are fine as long as they’re in Brooklyn?